Add liquidity on Raydium permissionless pool, to put them to work.
We're happy to tell you that Osmosis pool on FABRIC is alive! And, in addition, we plan to add more liquidity pools in the medium term. 👩🏻‍🌾 So if you want to put those APEX to work, we bring you this short tutorial in which we show you how to add liquidity through Raydium in the APEX/USDC pair! HOW TO ADD LIQUIDITY ❓ Once you saw the video, use the link below, and get your APEX/USDC tokens. RAYDIUM LIQUIDITY
Have your LP tokens ready, farm and chill!
Token address: 51tMb3zBKDiQhNwGqpgwbavaGH54mk8fXFzxTc1xnasg
providing liquidity you will be exposed to impermanent loss. Learn more about that here
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