Introducing Apexit! 🐵
Solana on-chain asset allocation tool

What is ApeXit ?

ApeXit is Solana's on-chain asset allocation tool that allows the end user to instantly open and close positions on the Solana ecosystem in one touch. The platform adds all the DEXs and tokens that a user may have associated with their non-custodial wallets and immediately allows them to exit all of their positions, or a percentage of them, in a single operation.

Why is ApeXit useful ?

Giving the user the capability to close several positions in one click when the markets dips is a huge advantage for every trader. We´ve all been stuck trying to sell diferent tokens in a hurry when the market dumps and in most of the times, we dont get the time to do so. ApeXit aims to solve this by reducing the time it takes to get out of your positions. Also, we are currently working on Apexit Reverse that would enable users to instantly buy several tokens on a single operation. One of our goals is to make asset allocation on Solana something fast and easy for every user, saving them money and time.

What else can i do on Apexit ?

There are many more things you can do on ApeXit that are very useful for the user, and helps to save time in their operations.
  • Settle All
  • Cancell All
  • Historical Trading Activity
  • NFT´s👀
  • Mobile version coming soon
Check how these features work on our FAQ!
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What is ApeXit ?
Why is ApeXit useful ?
What else can i do on Apexit ?